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AFR Name : Thorin ( SDJThorin )

Home Faire : Ontario Renaissance Faire ( OntRF )

Titles : Stephen "The Forester" of Trillingham

Thorin "The Swede Raider"

Thorin Splintersen of Warwick

One Of The Clan DeSomfrågar (Those Who Question)

Quotes : The world is shades of grey, black and white are just terminus points!
Stephen "The Forester"

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.
Margaret Mead

There are no strangers, only friends that you still haven't met.

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Faires I've Attended
Renaissance Faire Name Location
Period Date Attended

Ontario Trillingham Milton
Ontario, Canada
King Henry VIII 1532-1534 (1997-1999)
Queen Elizabeth 1558-1568 (2000-2004)

Michigan ? Flint
Michigan, USA
? ? (2003)

Sterling Warwickshire Sterling
New York, USA
Queen Elizabeth 1585-86 (1999-2000)

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Aliases : Stephen, Thorin, Eclipse, Cowboy & "Big Guy"
Climate / :
Prefers cold weather, but is also found at Ren Faires, stupidly, during the Hot Season
Activity Cycle : Dawn 'til whenever
Habitat : Dwells in an ice cave (That is only minutes from OntRF!)
Description : A big ( 6'2 - 6'6" ) teddy bear, who works as a programmer to support his Gaming & Faire addictions!

Faire Persona
Aliases : Stephen "The Forester", Ug "The Brute Squad", Thorin "The Swede Raider", The Beast Of Ontario, Master Forester
Habitat : The forested areas surrounding Trillingham.

Enjoys coming out of the forest on festival days to make merry with the townspeople.

Also enjoys travelling to other outlying villages.

Description : He's a Norseman who's settled down for a long stay in the woodlands surrounding the village of Trillingham. He's loud and thinks he's keen of wit, some say otherwise, but all agree that he's a kind and gentle giant from the North.

"The Brute Squad" for the Sky Chairs Booth (OntRF: '99-'00)

The 2nd Half Of Rosamund and Thorin Splintersen (aka The Norsern Splinters)

The Only Other Person Left Standing In 'The Circle', After The Battle Of The 16th Century! (Sterling: '99)

News Flashes : Knighted by King Henry VIII, for my verses & Pub Song Voice ( Well... Ok... Bellow ) In Trillingham (1533/'98)