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  • Ontario (1998, 1999, 2003, 2004)
  • Royal Abingdon Faire (2005)
  • Visited Faires:
  • Maryland (2004, 2006, 2008)
  • Michigan (2003)
  • Sterling (1999, 2004)
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    Maryland Renaissance Faire 2008 - 86 Images

    Maryland Renaissance Faire 2006 - 40 Images

    Royal Abingdon Faire 2005 - 98 Images

    Maryland Renaissance Faire 2004 - 83 Images

    Ontario Renaissance Faire 2004 - RIP - 204 Images
    Highlights:- The Lady Rose welcomes Nicholas Castle Trillingham's new Head Ex.!
    Nick is one lucky Ex. he's caught 2 MDRF Wenches
    Wench Tavey NOT in a booth!
    A taste of Japan Kiyoshi Nagata Ensemble.
    My character's backstory catches up with me this year when King Erik XIV of Sweden shows up... I'll get him for doing away with my family!
    But it's not all so bad, my other cousin Princess Anna also showed up this year.
    I'm sure she'll be safe with Duke d’Alencon.
    Drake Mansworth getting dunked again and again and again.
    Last but not least... The Final Pub Sing, I'm still scarred! *lol*

    Sterling Renaissance Faire 2004 - 59 Images

    Michigan Renaissance Faire 2003 - 44 Images
    Highlights:- The New World Renaissance Band
    Gibbon The Troubadour
    The Greenman
    The Musketeers

    Ontario Renaissance Faire 2003 - 90 Images
    Highlights:- Hey we've got a Woodturner!
    Meet Devil And The Deep.
    Meet Lucy Havemore's Nobel Cousin!
    Look it's Baron Foot!
    Look it's Me in Tights!

    And for all those people asking about the 2 missing pictures, they're now online here and here!

    Ontario Renaissance Faire 1999 - 54 Images
    Highlights:- Jay getting a 'Role in the Hay' by our very own Lucy Havemore!
    The final pubsing of the Season! "Lash'em to the main mast!"
    Pictures of our new garb made for this year!

    Sterling Renaissance Faire 1999 - 17 Images
    Highlights:- A Roguing!
    A bunch of Splinters!
    The Battle Of The 16th Century!
    MMario & Mel!
    Double Indemnity!

    Ontario Renaissance Faire 1998 - 65 Images
    Highlights:- Our First Full Year At OntRF!
    The Total Surprise Engagement!
    Look it's King Henry VIII.
    King Henry Knighting Rose.

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